vim-gutentags – automatic tags file generation

Today I’m going to add vim-gutentags to my .vimrc file.

It promises to simplify the cumbersome maintenance of ones tags file, which in turn enables you to use vim’s tags features such as C-] for go to tag, t to go backwards in the tag-stack and so fourth.

Installing the plugin with NeoBundle, I ran into an issue, which has been reported by someone else. I updated this issue, and am about to start working with gutentags enabled.

The .vimrc at this point.

Change something in your vimrc every day

This morning, I thought about how to get to know vim. As in really know it.

I’ve been using vim for many years, but there are many things I don’t use because I don’t know about them.

So I’m going to try changing something every day and write about why, so I’ll learn about it in the process.

If you use vim (or another editor), and like me don’t really know it, you should consider doing the same. For science!