Let’s automate that deployment – CodeKit Compiler

In the process of automating deployments at Tattoodo I found myself having to integrate with CodeKit. After scouring Google for a tool that could automate the compilation, reading a list of files and such from CodeKit, I came to the conclusion, that so such tool exists.

I would hereby like to introduce codekit-compiler, a python hack which will read codekit’s config file, and compile the files using the sameish tools.

Currently it only supports .less compilation, and .js minification, which is only some of what CodeKit can do, but it’s enough for me, for the time being.

I’ll be using it as an intermediate step, before rolling a friendlier compilation/minification step.

Usage: Download the script, run it from a directory where config.codekit is located, hope it doesn’t break. You’ll want to either change the path to lessc and uglifyjs or run npm install less uglify-js to install them locally.

I would like to thank the people who made CodeKit, for storing their configuration file as JSON. Makes reading it all the much easier.

Feel more than welcome to send a pull request, rewrite this as a gulp/grunt task.