Django compatible PyAMF test client

While working on a project using PyAMF today, i was about to write a unittest of a service method, when I realized that it would be harder than necessary to make unittests of the service. The cause of this is, that there was no test client wrapper for the django test client for pyamf, which means, that to do a unittest of the gateway, you’ll have to start a django server, and run a unittest elsewhere.

Seeing as how there are a lot of benefits to using djangos own test suite (fixtures and automatic database generation to name a few), i set out to write a little test client for PyAMF to utilize django’s test client, so it would be possible to write a proper test suite.

This turned out great, and is now ticket 508 over at PyAMFs trac. Look at the for the code. At some point, it will be integrated into PyAMF mainline as p.r.c.django.TestClient (or something like that).

  • Sam Ahn

    This is great. I’m surprised it wasn’t already there.